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Via my roommate

My college roommate has been having horrible chest pains recently and, after going to her doctor for an EKG, was told to go to a specialist for an ultrasound. Sounds easy enough, right?

The specialist is in another town neither of us have heard of, so when she calls them to get directions, they just give her the address of the place and tell her to "mapquest it". She finds that extremely unprofessional. How can a doctor's office not at least have directions? Especially a big specialist that get people who are refered to them by other doctors. She gives them the benifit of the doubt and mapquests them as told. She didn't want them to hold her hand on the directions, but at least knowing what parkway exit to use would have been helpful!

Today she went for her appointment. She had tried calling again to see if maybe they could confirm if the mapquest directions were correct, but they told her just to do whatever mapquest said. Nerviously, she left for the appointment with the mapquest directions printed out.

Well. The directions were completely and utterly wrong. She got horribly lost and drove around for two hours, confused and trying to call the doctor's office for help. They didn't pick up, and when they did, she got someone who barely spoke English and couldn't give her directions, just saying "mapquest will work" and "so, you want to reschedule?". Frustrated to tears, my roommate tried calling the doctor who had told her to go to the specialist, and they said they couldn't help her or give her directions, and just hung up on her.

I can't believe all this agita happened! Over just directions! What sort of doctor's office can't give someone directions?
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