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if you tick me off, I'll make a huge post about it to bad_service!!

So, while this is bad_service, it applies both to my employer, AND to me. I’ve posted to customers_suck a lot, but I think this is my second time posting here. Anyway, I’m an assistant manager at a gas station (but not for much longer. That’s another post for another community!).

My employer has contracted with a janitorial company (ProPower Clean) to come in once a month to polish and buff the floors, and once a year to strip and wax the floor. Not just for the store I’m at, but for all of their stores in the valley, about 50 stores.

Oh, and the store I’m the assistant at is one of the few stores in the company that is NOT a 24-hour store. We’re open every day, 5am-midnight. So we don’t have a graveyard shift. This really comes in to play.

So last night I’m at work, and these 2 guys from there show up at around 10:30 at night to start their work. Now, normally when they polish and buff the floors, they’re in and out in about an hour and a half. And admittingly, I didn’t know how long it would take for them to strip and wax the floor. Anyway, just 2 guys came. Both of them had been to my store before to polish and buff the floors, but as far as I remember, each time the guys have come before, they have come with other people. One is 26 (I remember because a few months ago he bought cigarettes and I carded him), and the other must have been a little bit younger.

They get started stripping the floor, and since I really don’t want to leave them alone (and really, I couldn’t), I got started on my cigarette order. At 11:45, they only had about 2/3rds of the floor stripped.

Then one of the guys ask me, “So do you have another person coming in?”
“No, we close at midnight.”
“So you’re going to stick around until we’re done?”
“I hadn’t planned on it. No one told me how long this was going to take.”
“Well, it’s gonna take us a about another hour to strip the floors, then we have to put down (5? Or 7?) layers of wax down, so we’ll be done at around 4:30.”


I don’t know where the line of communication dropped, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to stick around until 4:30 in the morning. I had been up since 7 in the morning, and I was already dead tired after being up for almost 17 hours.

To digress a bit – some of the district managers and some people in marketing are like ‘ombudsmens’, if you will, between the company and to the vendors and companies that provide services to the company. My store got an email a month ago saying that we were having our floors stripped and waxed last night. Nowhere in the email did it say what time they would arrive, nor did it say how long it would take (on average) to strip and wax the floor. So pretty much, the DM who deals with ProPower Clean set up appointments for which stores would get the strip and wax, then she sent out that list to the other DMs, who in turn emailed the list to the stores on the list. Whether the DMs were told of how long the services would take, if they were even told at all, I don’t know.

Oh and to make things worse, once they got all of the floor stripped, I couldn’t go onto the sales floor. So… We have every case of beer off the sales floor, and their in our back rooms and packed into the cooler. Same with all of our displays. We had 3 displays packed in one of our back rooms that I couldn’t even get to the cooler to stock it. Not that it would have helped much anyway since I couldn’t get to much of anything in the cooler.

And because of the fumes of the stuff they were using, and because they were constantly going in and out, they said they had to have the doors open. And all the inside lights on. Which to the general public, that means the store is open.

I ended up calling the store manager at midnight. Normally he’s at work at 4:30 in the morning, to get some paperwork and whatnot out of the way and to close out the registers before the store opens at 5. I told him of what all was going on, and he was livid. Even more than me. He said that he would be down at around 2:30 so that I could go home.

He and I talked about their requests for having the door open and lights on. So long story short, they had some caution tape, and they ended up taping that around the door, to kinda barricade it a bit. I parked my car across 3 spots close to the door, to block it off a bit futher. I turned off the soffit lights. We have to keep the sign on at night at all times, and same with the lights on the gas canopy. Not only is that company policy, but if those lights are out, the store could lose it’s cobranding with $GAS_SUPPLIER, if they were to randomly inspect us.

Soon after I called the manager, and since I couldn’t be on the sales floor, I signed off my register without even counting it down, went and locked the office door (which I should have done much earlier anyway), got my coat on and went outside, got a bag out of my car, and started cleaning up outside.

I’ll admit that I violated a company policy and used my cell phone on the clock. Yeah, shame on me. So I called my friend and started complaining to him about what was going on as I was walking around the parking lot in the middle of the night picking stuff up and tossing it into the bag.

I talked to him for about an hour and a half, until my friend ended up falling asleep while still on the phone with me. Hehe.

So yeah, not only was I pissed off to no end about having to stay so late, but some of the stuff the guys did made it even worse.

Again, another digression – my store is close to a street corner. To the east of the store is a remodeled house which has a chiropractor and insurance agent in it. To the west is a small apartment complex. To the south is a small road, leading to the back parking lot to the chiropractor/insurance office, and to a cluster of more apartments that are to the southwest of the building. So aside from the small office next door, my store is in the middle of a large neighborhood. Oh, and large portion of our parking lot is on the west side of the property, close to the apartments.

This is also where they had parked their van. Which they started up at around 12:30 in the morning, and cranked up the radio, blasting “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns N’ Roses. Classy huh?

And again, I’ll admit that I should have grown a pair (or another pair, rather) and told them to turn down the music, since the store is in the middle of a neighborhood. But considering how pissed off I was, I figured I’d just let them burn my goat even more. It’d just give me more stuff to complain about later. Heh.

At around 1, a lady pulled up to one of the gas pumps. I was still outside, and as she walked inside, I came up to her and told her that the store was actually closed, and that the floors were being worked on. She wasn’t upset at all, and while I was explaining to her what all was going on, she started to pump her gas. When she got there, she left the door to her car open with some music playing. Nothing too loud, but enough to cover up the noise from inside the store. I finish my conversation with her and start walking toward the building, and I hear one of the guys start yelling and swearing. Again, kinda close to apartments, and they have the doors to the store propped open. I walked back to the lady at the gas pump, and she said she didn’t hear them because of the music coming from her car. If she did hear them, I was going to get her information so that I could pass that along to the DM who’s going to talk to ProPower.

But her timing was nice. Because she paid at the pump with a card, the date and time of her transaction was recorded on one of the registers. Which makes it easier to find on our tapes, so we have an idea of where to look on our tapes if we decide to show ProPower what their employees did.

Soon thereafter, another person showed up. He didn’t want to buy anything, he just asked me if I had change so that he could use the payphone. I let him use my cell phone instead. The person he called didn’t answer her phone, so he handed the phone back to me and as he’s explaining his situation, I glance inside and then I see a shower of sparks, and popping noises. With all the liquids and stuff they had on the floor, one of the extension cords got some liquid on one it’s outlet, and ended up tripping the breaker. Oye…

So now it’s around 2 in the morning, I’m still still outside, still watching what they’re doing inside. One of the guys comes out, gets some stuff out of their truck, and lights a cigarette. Then he goes back in to the store, still smoking, and starts collecting a few things from inside the store. It’s not like he was in and out, he was smoking in the store for a good 2 minutes. And in the state of Idaho, smoking is not allowed in any public building or retail establishment, except for bars. Gas station ≠ bar. If I were a smoker, and if I were to smoke inside the store (as an employee), I could get fired. Around this time, my boss was leaving for the store. It was around 2, and he said he would be there at 2:30, and it takes him about half an hour to get to work (because he live rather far away, and there’s not real easy way to get from point A to point B). I sent him a text message, telling him that one of the guys was smoking inside the building.

My boss got to the store at 2:30, and he and I spent the next 45 minutes outside, with me going off to him about what the guys had done, and talking about what we’re going to do today. While we’re talking, (maybe at like 2:45?) one of the guys goes out and turns up the radio in the truck again. My boss goes over, and tells them to turn the radio off. Not to turn it down. Off.

So I leave at 3:15, get home at 3:45, and pass the hell out. I woke up at 11 this morning to my boss calling me from work. Turns out that at 4:30, they were still working. At 4:45, my boss told them that the store will be opening at 5.

5 o’clock rolls around, and my boss unlocks the doors. The floor guys throw a fit. And right off the bat at 5, my boss had 3 customers, and a vendor. HAHA. Other than that, I don’t know much of what happened, since I wasn’t there and my boss talked to me all of about 2 minutes.

Still, all of this is aggrevating as hell. I’m so annoyed and ticked off with so many other things at work that I’ve been filling out applications the last few days. I’ve had this job for 6 months and I seem to be the one who has to deal with everyone else’s crap.

This is a much longer post than I thought it would be. Verbose much? hehe

Oh yeah, this is my second time filing a complaint through the 'ombudsman' DM about this company. Though the first incident is a whole other story, which I don't have time to type up because I have to get ready to be back at work in a little over an hour :(

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