Mosey (moshiicake) wrote in bad_service,

wigmaker woe (bad joke, sorry!)

Back on June 15th (four months ago) I emailed Misty Schmitt/MistyKat of MistyKat studios about a wig commission. I wanted to get a Seifer wig done but I was pretty sure that if I'd done it, I would have made a mess of the whole thing and had the scalp showing and stuff. Also, she had access to some wig products that you couldn't get in the UK, and I liked her work, so I commissioned her to make me a wig (which should be really really easy to make for a skilled wigmaker -- it's just a short boy's wig), signed her contract, and sent her £30 to cover her materials cost. I agreed to send the rest of the money (£40) later. I informed her straight away that I lived in the UK so it might need to be sent earlier than usual, but I was willing to pay extra to have it recorded delivery.

Well, it's now October and all I've heard (a week after the initial emails) is that she has recieved the materials for making the wig. No "started to cut", no "added hairspray", not even a picture. Surely it shouldn't take four months?

She's got a few other wigs on her site ( that needed to be done for September and she's still not finished them yet.

I've sent her an email asking her for the lowdown (although she's a protigee of the notorious Katie Bair who will refuse to continue work if you ask about the progress) but I'm sure that this isn't going to turn up for the event I need it for.

WHat I'm wondering is legal rights. She promised to have this done for me in time, and I don't think it will be, and obviously I've paid her money already. Do you think I have legal rights to get that money back or do I just have to wait or swallow the cost?

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