You can't see me (littleminds) wrote in bad_service,
You can't see me

PC World

I hate PC World!

We bought a router online. Great, super cheap, etc. Broadband was ordered to arrive a week later, so we hung onto the router.

I coundln't install it. I have installed 3 at home - I know HOW to do it. Takes FOUR trips to PC World, explaining the problem, them getting me to buy more stuff (Totaling around £50 more) then someone tells me we bought a router for cable (NTL, etc) not for what we want. Fair enough, my mistake...but I had been there FOUR times, did no one think to ask you know...the first time? But whatever, my mistake.

Get a new router, they refund me the money for all the extras I had to buy etc.

New router is rubbish. Connection goes after it's idle for 10 seconds! Rung BT to see if it's a line fault. Nope all is grand. Ring ISP. Everything on their end is grand. Go online to live help for the router, change the settings they tell me...nothing helps (Yes idle time was both "0" and set to different minutes, eg 10, but still went off, and dial on demand was on)

So my parents visited this weekend, and my Mom tried getting on eBay, and it kep disconnecting before she logged in, or if she did get logged in, whilst she read a message! So we took the router back...

At PC World they say they will either test it, but if it connects, we don't get our money back, and can't return it ever again, or pay 10%, and return it as used. We opted for the 10%, because we KNEW it CONNECTS, it just disconnects after 10 seconds.

The guy was going to refund us £20 something, for a £60 router, because the first one was returned on this receipt. The £37 for the first one was just going to be dismissed, and he wouldn't listen to us explain that we are owed the whole £60 (Minus 10%) and not £23!

Went to Argos. Bought a new router, all is well, no problems at all!

So HOW can PC World get away with that? The 10% was only £6, but that £6 is a few drinks down the pub for me!

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