Sharn (optissima) wrote in bad_service,

Dude, if you hate your job, you've got two options: you can quit and go somewhere else, or you can suck it up and not behave like an asshat to the customers.

Mitch "They were out of candle holders, so I bought a cake" Hedberg has a new CD/DVD thing out. I went to my friendly neighborhood Borders store to look for it the other day, and it wasn't there. I looked it up on the Title Sleuth doomackey, and it said it was on its way, it would be there in 3-5 days, and I could reserve a copy at the Information Desk.

Right then, I'll do that.

I asked the information desk guy if I could reserve a CD, and he groaned as if I'd asked him to shave my back and said, "I guess." Because, you know, God forbid a CUSTOMER should ask him to do his JOB.

I assumed that people asked to reserve stuff there all the time and figured he'd probably give me a card to fill out with my information and whatnot. I was wrong. He didn't even use a full sheet of paper or a post-it note... he just tore the corner off a flyer on the counter and wrote down (after asking me to spell my name and Hedberg's):

[misspelled my first and last names]
Mitsch Headburg: Mitsch All Together

and told me he'd call me when it came in.

"How are you going to call me without a phone number?" says I. He groaned again and asked for my number. Five bucks says he just tossed the paper in the trash as soon as I left and I never get a call.

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