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This happened back in late August.

I used to go to this Naughty-N-Nice shop located on a highway in my state, but I started getting some weird, unfriendly vibes from one of the employees there. I shrugged it off as her having a bad day or something and kept going there even though she would give me some rather rude answers to some innocent questions I asked.

Now mind you I probably shouldn't have asked her why the store was closed from 3-3:30 but it was just out of curiosity, as was my question on why they were closed on sundays because most stores nowadays don't normally close on sunday. Her answer to that was "Because we don't want to be open!".

Last time I visited that particular Naughty-N-Nice she was in a particularly NASTY mood and I did my usual thing, trying to decide what to buy and I tend to take a bit long to buy a vibe because when you buy a vibrator you're stuck with it for life due to the intimate nature of that device. I'm very choosy and I want to get one that's not only pretty but works well. That day she got on my case for just glancing into the backroom, which was open as usual... wasn't about to go in because I wasn't invited and it was really only for employees. She slammed the door closed and scolded me like a little kid, and told me to just get what I want and leave.

I was taken aback by this and asked her what was wrong, and she proceeded to list a few rather minor things, including profanity-filled tangent I went off on after a woman told me how her adopted daughter was raped as a baby by both her father AND her mother. That particular incident had already been taken care of; I was told to watch my language, and I did. I usually don't even swear that much in public unless I'm really angry, like when I hear about a child being molested... for the first five years of my life I lived across the street from a molestor so I feel really strongly about that stuff. I shouldn't have done that but it was already taken care of.

She also accused me of 'laying' on the toys or leaning over them. All I was doing was kneeling on the floor because my feet and back were hurting and I wanted to look at some of the merchandise that was on the floor, including some pictures of naked men. And she accused me of waltzing around the place like I lived there or something.

Now in real life I don't respond well to being yelled at, and I apologized, rather bewildered, and bought something. The cashier(who was the only person working there that day) told me that I wasn't allowed to shop there, and continued to bawl me out. This upset me so much I really don't like even going to the other Naughty-N-Nice that much, even though I talked with the manager about this and she told me I did nothing wrong.

Another thing that bugged me was how the cashier also kept her dog with her while she was working, and let the dog run around the store and chew on the floor-level merchandise while she kept her nose in her book... I even asked her once what she was reading, in an attempt to be friendly, and she just answered "A book." as if I had never seen one in my life and was a total retard. She even got on me for 'trying to be her best friend' or something like that when I'm just friendly, if rather skittish, by nature.

I've since found SEVERAL other adult stores with FAR better service. What's even better is when I bought a gag-gift for one of my coworkers she told me she knew who I was talking about when I mentioned the chick who ran that particular Naughty-N-Nice and told me that girl was a BITCH, and my sister, who used to frequent that place, won't even go there anymore because that bitch cares more about her puppy and her book(and possibly attracting men with said puppy) than actually helping her customers. The only customers she's friendly to are men, who gush all over her puppy.

If you live in the Roseville area go to Kiss-N-Tell... they don't have all the merchandise of Naughty-N-Nice but the service is hella better and they got LOTS of cool-looking toys. My first visit there was great, and the cashier was dressed in a classy three-piece suit. He went out of his way to help me find what I was looking for and even though they didn't have it the service won me over. I told him about my bad experience at that other shop and about the story I heard, and he was saddened at the depravity people sink to. Susie's is a great place too, with lots of wiggling rabbit-style vibes, and lots of cool-looking videos. Of all the sex-shops I've visited, those two are the best.


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