Stating the obvious (well_yeah) wrote in bad_service,
Stating the obvious

Went to get a burger today at a place that advertised 17 different types of burgers. When I ordered, I tried to tell the waitress exactly what I wanted, which was a Texas Burger and fries, with cheddar instead of monetary jack, and please make sure it is well done. Since she kept interrupting me, it was quite difficult.

Food comes out, and I notice two things: A) There is a hell of a lot of cheese. A slice of cheddar, a slice of monetary jack, and another slice of cheddar. B) The burger is quite pink when you cut it open. Waitress comes by, and I tell her that I'm sorry, but it's *really* important to me that the burger be well done, and also, I only wanted the cheddar cheese, not both.

Burger comes out again. Only one kind of cheese this time, but the burger is even *less* well done. Like they totally remade it, and rushed it out to the table. But, it really doesn't make sense to rush a well done burger, so I have no idea what was going on.

Third time's the charm, right? Not so much. This time they just re-cooked the same burger, and gave me a new bun. And a second slice of cheese on top of the first, but at least it was cheddar. And? The burger was *still* a little pink. But I ate it, because I was hungry and the people I was with already finished their food.

For a place that advertises 17 different types of burgers, they kinda need to learn how to cook them.
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