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I have two times been in an Old Navy that had weird sign issues. These incidents occured in two different Old Navy locations.

On one occassion, a sign was displayed over two or three types of tank tops and said "Tank Tops: $9.99." It did not mention a type of tank top anywhere on the sign. A second time it was a sign that advertised cargo pants for $20. It was on a rack that only had one item on it, and those were pants. Each time I brought the item up and had it rung up only to discover that they weren't on sale. I would mention the sign, the cashier would say that a similar item was on sale, but not the one I had picked up. I asked why the sign was on the wrong pants rack, or over several items that could be described by the sign. The cashier said it wasn't, then sent someone back to look. The person came back after several minutes claiming that there was no sign at all. Both times I then went back myself, and sure enough, no sign ANYWHERE. Not moved, not altered. Completely gone. I know I wasn't imagining the signs and besides, I had other people with me each time who also saw them.

So, is it just Old Navy policy to pretend that mistaken sale signs don't exist, or have I randomly stumbled into the two locations that do that? Has this happened to anyone else? Is there some less conspiracy-oriented explanation that I'm missing?
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