Blair (_strikes_again_) wrote in bad_service,

i over heard this story in class today. the girls tellnig the story were once my coworker, as was the girl in the story.

So la-di-da its another rush at a movie theatre. In our theatre its not really ever formally trained to anyone that you MUST look at ID's when the person pays with a credit or debit. I would ask when they didnt have a signature or it said See ID...but other than that I didnt make that big of an effort, and as far as i know, neither did anyone else. We had never gotten in trouble for it before, and management hadnt said anything.  However, that is just behind the concession stand, in the box office people do it naturally. I dont know why there is such a difference 20 feet away, but whatever. Anyway, this one gril at the concession stand we all dislike had been not checking ID's and there was a man in line that decided to TEST her. He is not a secret shopper, just a normal far as we know at this point. So he gets up, orders and he goes to pay with his card. She doesnt ask for ID, even though its not signed, and it says SEE ID on the back.
So she slides it through and gets it all ready for him to sign...and he goes "arent you going to ask for ID?" and she goes... "uhh, no i dont do that i dont really care about that." (making it seem like SHE was the only one not doing it) so...what does the guy do? oh....he WHIPS OUT HIS POLICE BADGE and goes..." you care a little bit more, right?" and of course, being the awesome person that she is goes "no. beisdes its your ass not mine if something happens to your card"

hahah. not when you're fired bitch. (except managment hasnt done anything about her yet, even after this and after the guy complained)
yep. thats a great theatre there. yupp.
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