Karen (molkat) wrote in bad_service,

David's Bridal

I recently bought a wedding dress from David's Bridal and at the time they asked for my contact information. I asked if they were going to sell my information, and I was reassured it was for their own records so they could contact me when my dress arrived. Today I got a call from some scam company informing me I had won their 21st Century Today's Bride contest. All I had to do was sit through a 90 minute presentation and take a survey and I'd win a two night stay at a hotel and $500 in "gift certificates". Ends up it's some company called Royal Prestige that sells overpriced cookware that David Bridal sells their info to. I'm definitely going to complain. It's a shame I'm on such a tight budget and already bought the dress because otherwise I would take my business elsewhere. This is why I usually give a fake phone number to any random businesses claiming they need this information.
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