This is how I rock (cindy_ann) wrote in bad_service,
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Not cool

I had a question about my credit card bill yesterday so I called the company to see if they could help me out.
I call (ring ring goes the phone) and I hear that the phone has been picked up and I hear a woman on the other end talking to someone next to her and say something like "I'm so sick of talking to dumb shits today. It would be so funny If I just pretended not to hear them". So finally speaking to me she says "credit card company may I get your account number please". So I rattle off my numbers and when I finish she again says "credit card company may I get your account number please" I rattle off numbers again and again she asks for them Figuring that she really did pretend not to hear me I asked for a manager and she said "please hold" and hung up.
I'm at work right now but plan on calling back and asking for a manager again when I get off.
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