New England 'til I die (wolfp10) wrote in bad_service,
New England 'til I die

Feedback from FOP call

In responce to this complaint...

Later that day I faxed a complaint to the FOP, basically restating what I had posted here. I spoke with the Director of Fundraising for the Connecticut Chapter of FOP today, and just an hour ago I received this email...


I am the Director of Fundraising for the Connecticut Fraternal Order of Police and I am a retired sergeant of the Bloomfield Police Department. My responsibilities include the day to day operations of our call center in Meriden.

I was able to research the phone call we made to you on October 5, 2006. As I explained to you on the phone today, we record all phone calls and do not tolerate rudeness by our employees. Upon listening to the call we found that our employee was rude and did violate our policies. The person that spoke to you has been terminated and is no longer an employee of the Connecticut FOP. I apologize for any difficulties this employee may have caused you, and I am hoping that this unfortunate incident will not lead you think of the Connecticut FOP adversely.

As of May 1, 2006 we are no longer using professional solicitors to make calls in our fundraising efforts. The Connecticut State Fraternal Order of Police opened our own call center in Meriden. All donations to the FOP are for the benefit of all police officers in the state, and 100% of every donation goes directly to our organization. Support is given to the families of police officers that are killed in the line of duty, and funds are used to assist in maintaining the Connecticut Police Memorial in Meriden, and the National Police Memorial in Washington, DC. Youth programs are supported, as well as donations to the Connecticut Hospice Program.

Would you please let family and friends know that we are there to support local law enforcement in any way we can. I am not only the Director of Fundraising, but also the elected Chaplain of the state FOP, personally interacting with those law enforcement families in need across the state. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions or concerns in the future, feel free to e-mail me or call me at 203-634-1679.
Lee G. Tager
Director of Fundraising
State Chaplain
Connecticut Fraternal Order Of Police
Bloomfield Police Sergeant Retired

So it appears that
1. The telemarketer was in fact a FOP employee, not employed by an outsourcing agency.
2. He was rude and violated their policies.
3. He is now terminated.
4. 100% of funds they solicit over the phone go to the organization, not to a for profit company.

I am very impressed by the feedback, and will now consider donating to the FOP, as I hope many of you will consider doing based on this email.

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