Rae (insomniacrat) wrote in bad_service,

The reason I joined

I moved into my apartment in June of '05. The apartment they showed me was very nice (as show apartments should be) with perfect paint and ceiling fans in both bedrooms and the living room. When I moved into my not as nice apartment (stains on carpet, torn linoleum) there were only 2 ceiling fans, one in my bedroom and on in the living room. Since I was living alone it wouldn't be as big of a problem, except that I put my computer(s) in the other bedroom and as a result it got hot. So, after having to call and convince them that 1) there was no ceiling fan in that room and 2) that they said my apartment would be the same as the other (stains aside), They finally got one installed.
Yay! go them! then...
This ceiling fan, about 6 months later, became the ceiling fan of doom. It had a wobble that was frightening - one would think that it could come unhinged and go flying around the room at any moment. There was no sleeping with the fan on (because who wants to die in their sleep - you need to see that coming!). So I called and told them that it wobbled. So, they sent out the repair guy who flat out tells me the source of my problem.
"The blades need to be replaced."
Note that the blades were all perfectly even, none of them had weights stacked upon it, and they were all the same length. So - he replaces my blades. I humor him and let him do it. Then the next day I call with the same problem - the ceiling fan wobbles. The manager tells me that "Mr. Bill changed your blades" (TWO people bought this?!?) and that "some fans just wobble." I'm a little irate, because remember, this is the ceiling fan of doom.
I had to tell her that ceiling fans that were properly installed and fixed "do not wobble" and that I wanted him to come tighten it up or whatever needed to be done. (I even called my dad who does home building/maintenance stuff to make sure that "some ceiling fans don't wobble")
Finally, they ended up calling a real electrician or someone to come install a whole new ceiling fan instead of just tightening the old one over a month after the initial call.

Moreover, I've currently called, over the course of 2 months, 8 times about my dishwasher that makes my dishes dirtier than when I put them in. Mr. Bill has come out 3 times and turned my dishwasher on. But... Their latest words of wisdom, "use jet dry". (note that they are getting crusty and moldy during one run of the dishwasher)

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