Dresden Wolf (dresden_wolf) wrote in bad_service,
Dresden Wolf

Ingles, por favor?

I know it has been said before but goddamnit this STILL irritates the piss out of me.

Dear local store I go to to purchase the latest in NFLesque head gear,

Please, for the love of all things sacred, do NOT hire someone who does not have enough of a grasp on the english language to allow for a proper transaction to take place.

I come in looking for a specific style of hat. I understand there are many different styles displayed on your shelves and if I really took the time to look through the entire warehouse, I'm sure I would eventually locate it on my own. However, as I am in between classes and in a small bit of a hurry, I assumed (oops) that I could ask the lovely associate behind the counter to locate the particular one I wanted for me.

Alas, I was wrong, as the poor darling could not understand a word I was saying. She could take money and process the transaction just fine, but apparently asking a question that went past the standard checkout etiquette was well beyond her scope.

What should have been a 3 minute process rapidly became 20 and I was forced to leave without paying you money for your products and vowing to continue my search elsewhere when I'm not up to my ass in philosophy notes.

So again: Please. PLEASE. Do not hire someone who can not speak english. Or at the very least, do not leave a non-english speaking server on the floor by herself for any period of time. As you can plainly see, it does cost you business.

Kisses and lollipops!
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