Chérie (lutine) wrote in bad_service,

I am getting married and I decided to order some business cards with our Save the Date information from Vistaprint. You can read about the issue I had here. I decided to call them today to tell them that I was not satisfied with my order. First, I got an Indian customer service rep whom I couldn't understand at all. I HATE that. So after trying to explain what happened to him, he got all defensive and started saying "I didn't delete the spaces! I don't see spaces here! Who said there were spaces?" I got sick of this pretty quickly and asked for a manager. She still had an accent, but at least it wasn't THAT heavy. I explained the situation one more time: I designed my cards. I clicked an agreement that they were going to print EXACTLY as I was looking at them then. They did not print that way. What about that, exactly, is hard to understand? She tried to tell me that that agreement only applied to the text, not the alignment. I refused to accept that. If it only applies to the text, then they need to say that. If they had printed everything in yellow instead of black, could she honestly tell me that it wasn't her problem since the agreement only applied to the text? For literally at least five minutes, we went in that circle.

"Your website says that they are going to print EXACTLY this way."
"But that doesn't apply to alignment!"
"It doesn't say that, though. It says EXACTLY."
"Yes, exactly, but not the alignment!"

I got really frustrated and finally she rudely conceded to refund the $10 I spent to make the business cards glossy. I'm not quite sure it was worth the money to have to deal with that, but at a point, it became about the principle, not the money.

Just a heads-up to anyone who might put themselves in that situation. I am not going to boycott Vistaprint, I still think that their services come at very good prices, but you have to look out for their little "loopholes." They put up that "EXACTLY AS-IS" agreement to cover their asses in case someone makes a typo and tries to blame them, but they have to accept responsibility when it goes the other way as well.
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