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oh the ghetto trash at KFC

Hi! I'm new to this community, so I figured I'd tell a little story of my KFC experience the other night.

So me and my friend went to dinner at KFC around 8:30 the other night. Everything was fine the whole time we were there, until we were ready to leave. We had extra food, so I went to the counter (which was completely empty cause we were the only ones in the entire place) and asked for a bag. The homie-g-funk chick that was there threw a bag at me and said that when me and my friend left they were going to throw ice cubes at us. I thought maybe I heard her wrong or something, so I asked "Excuse me?". She repeated herself with her cocky attitude and coy smile. I just turned around and walked back to the table cause I didn't want to start anything. So I sit down and me and my friend continued a conversation we were having. The whole time, ghetto trash and her equally trashy friend were standing behind the counter staring at us. We figured that if they were actually going to throw ice cubes at us, we'd wait till they were occupied and then leave. Well, that never happened cause the place was dead. So just when we were losing hope, some horrible rap song comes on and ghetto trash and her equally trashy friend start freakin each other behind the counter. o_O We took this as the perfect opportunity to run out the door. So we do so, and the trashy employees scream at us. So we run to the car, where we think we're safe. I guess we were wrong cause the trash comes out the side door and starts throwing ice cubes at my brand new 2003 car. Excuse me?!?!?! I do not think so. I wanted to just run over there and pound this trash into the ground. But my friend stopped me and we got in the car and sped away before any ice could get to us or the car (haha...the trash was so dumb they couldn't even throw far enough). I was soo mad. The manager didn't seem to care what his employees were doing, so I couldn't even call and complain. I wanted to kill. So I got on KFC's web site and reported it. Some dude called and asked what happened and said that he would investigate and get back to me. I'm still waiting for his response, but if he doesn't get back to me, they haven't heard the end of me!!! I want something to be done about this! What respected place of business lets their employees throw ice cubes at customers?!? I can MAYBE understand if we did something to them, but we were just eating dinner. There's no harm there. Ugh. I'm just still pissed about the whole deal!!!
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