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Bad service at the coffee shop.

OK, so, here's the story behind this....for quite some time now I've been purchasing coffee at one of those local drive-up places stationed in a parking lot. I'd buy mochas from them nearly every day because it was good, reasonably priced and right on the way to my college.

This school year, the same girl has been working there nearly every time I go. She was never particularly friendly, but I didn't think much of it until she grew progressively ruder. Then, one day, I really noticed it.

CB: Coffee Bitch
K: Me

K: *pulls up to window*

CB: *opens window with a nasty look and waits for me to say my order. No "Hello", no "What can I get for you?", anything. but that wasn't really the bad service yet...*

K: I'd like a (insert name of drink here - just for a little more backstory, this place offers "special" drinks on their menu, such as a mocha which includes regular mocha, white mocha and flavoring. I've asked before if it's OK to get this in a frappucino, and she's told me yes - I see how the drink might be a little annoying to make because of the 3 flavors, but 1) it's on their menu and a 2) a frappucino just involves blending the ice and cream into it. frappucinos are on the menu as well and all the same price.)
*Note that I've always been polite - I smile and say "please" when ordering.

CB: *sighs* ....*starts to make drink*

K: o.o;

CB: *snaps* Whipped cream?

K: Yes, please. :)

Then, CB *glares* at me, several times, while she is making it. Literally, she looked up from making the coffee and kept giving me dirty looks. I wondered if I'd been a sucky customer somehow. Was it because I hadn't tipped her? Well, I was going to until she started giving me attitude....

CB: *snaps again* 3.50.

K: *pays*

CB: *slams the window shut*

So, I was pretty upset after this and stopped going there for about a week or so...however, today I really wanted a frappucino from them because it was so good and so convenient. I figured CB might have just had a really bad day and cut her some slack. I noticed that CB was working, as usual, but there was also another girl working at the other side. So of course, I pull over to the other side where the girl I didn't recognize was working :)

K = me again
OB = other barista
CB = coffee bitch again XD

K: *pulls up*

OB: Hi, can I take your order? (*Yay, someone friendly!*)

K: *smile smile* *orders same drink as always*

*OB goes to make the drink, but then I overhear her talking to CB about what goes in that drink.*

CB: *snotty tone* Oh yeah, That girl comes through here and always orders the same drink.

(The conversation continued for a few moments, but I couldn't hear what else was going on...finally OB returns to the window with my frappucino.)

Now, after talking to CB, she had lost the friendly attitude she originally had, and handed me my change and my drink without saying anything. So that was kind of strange. And the coffee wasn't even as good this time, anyway.

Anyway, I've determined that that was the last time I'll be ordering from them, since they lack basic customer service. But the question is, was I somehow a sucky customer? The complaint I overheard was that I order the same drink every time. I don't see how that's sucky; if anything the baristas last year appreciated it because they always knew what to make me and it saved them time. So I'm not sure if her rude behavior was somehow warranted, or if she's just a bitch. O_o;;

EDIT: Question two. Is it worth trying to contact the owner somehow to complain (or at least tell them why they lost a regular customer), or should I just forget it since I'm not going to be buying coffee from them anymore?
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