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Emergency room post... this one has been brewing and pissing me off since it happened, a few weeks ago.

So after experiencing dizziness for about a week straight, I started to feel like my heart was fluttering and beating awkwardly. Palpitations, as it were. My mother got me to go to the hospital (I have had BAD experiences with doctors and hospitals, which I'll put for fun at the end of this post, and so I tend to be reluctant about going.) and I did, at around noontime.

I get there, and of course when you say 'palpitations' there's about a million things done to you at once. I had some blood drawn, a chest x-ray, and an ekg. About half an hour after I got there, I was told "Well, your ekg looked a little tacky. And your pulse is quite fast. We're going to do a second one."

Of course, this makes me worry. I'm hooked up to the second ekg...

And then wheeled into a hallway and left alone for a matter of hours. I didn't see a doctor until six pm. A friend couldn't come by and keep me company until four.

I realize that the emergency room can be busy, I really do. There weren't enough rooms, even, so I had to stay in a hallway - I stopped my nurse only twice, in that five hours, both time in tears worrying. I mean, logically, if there was anything horribly wrong they wouldn't have left me alone for that long, but logic doesn't work so well when you're almost at panic-attack levels. I certainly don't expect, when I stop the nurse tearfully, for him to chuckle and say "Well, the ER is very busy, it'll take a while." It's called bedside manner, look it the fuck up.

(At six, my doctor finally showed up and told me that my blood sugar was incredibly high and I was dehydrated. They got me an IV of fluids and told me to follow up with the student health center.)

When I was 11 or so, I was experiencing a lot of dizziness, vertigo, lightheadedness, headaches, call it what you will. It took countless doctors' visits and ER excursions (getting every explanation, from "Oh, it's just growing pains" to "Maybe she should see a psychiatrist"(!)) to finally get so sick that I would faint. My mother was livid, and she convinced my doctor to get a proper CAT scan done, and guess what? Turns out, I had a sinus infection that'd spread and was turning into an orbital cellulitis kind of situation. (Where it goes to the orbits of the eyes, and can go from there into your brain, basically.) I was on antibiotics for months.

My second horror story - for a few years, I had been making the 'ow' face when my doctor pressed on my abdomen. Her usual response was "Oh, poor baby." Silly me, I thought they did that test for a REASON. Since I wasn't having any other problems except for tenderness, I didn't really think too much about it. Then, I started missing periods all over the place. Since I obviously wasn't pregnant, I got worried that there was something health-wise wrong. Went back to my doctor. "It's just from your weight." (I am overweight, and fairly sensitive about it, so I accepted that without question.) The pain started getting worse, my periods disappeared, and I finally got a second opinion.

I had an ovarian cyst so big that, at first glance, the tech doing the ultrasound on my stomach thought that it was my bladder. It was bigger than my ovary itself, and when I finally had it removed it was comparable in size to a soft ball.

I really hate going to the doctor.
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