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Sears: Cold and Flu now on sale!

Open letter to the sears girl who rang up my mother the other day:

I understand we all have little habits we do without thinking, it's just the way we quirky humans are...

But that does nto give you an excuse to stick your finger in your mouth seven times during two diffrent transactions.  Not only do I not enjoy watching you chew on your hangnail (or whatever you were doing in there) but the cold and flu season is approching and I'm a sickly human being, and slightly germaphobic.

Get your finger out of your mouth while handling my merchendise, my money and my change.

And I'm sorry if I embaressed you but you would not STOP.  I don't think telling you "Cold and flu season is approching, it might not be a good idea to stick your finger in your mouth while handling customer's things" was all that rude, espeically since germs go both ways.  I wouldn't want you to suffer any more then I want to.


Honestly, not that bad (unless I get sick of course), but it creeped me out horrifically, just imagining the germs she was spreading  by doing that.  I was itchy for half an hour afterwards.
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