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Cingular=Bad Service!

WHAT is wrong with me?!

WHY did I go with Cingular AGAIN?!?

They do this, you know? They are REALLY nice to you about 6 months away from the end of your contract and then when you stupidly sign on for another two years of their service they stab you in the BACK.

I've been hit up with about $25 of data transfer fees. I have a package (Media Basic) that took care of that, and then I upped it to Media Works (has more messages). I stay on AIM ALL THE TIME as many of my friends know, but I won't be anymore. I was told upon getting BOTH of these packages that AIM ONLY takes up data transfer when when signing on and off. Well now they are saying all KINDS of junk...

-YOU MUST have been getting on the internet with your phone!! Onlyyyy... I never get on the internet with my phone!
-Oh, then it must be charging you for updating your buddy list! Hmmm. I was told I would only be charged for signing ON and OFF. So those are bad charges and I want them REMOVED.
-Oh, well when you log onto that same screen name on your computer it counts ALL of the messages you send from there too! WRONG. I have over 10 screennames on AIM due to being indecisive... I use THIS NAME SPECIFICALLY for this PHONE.
-Well someone must have stolen your phone and used the internet... and then given it RIGHT BACK! Yes... only my phone is like an arm... it NEVER leaves my body.
-You must be downloading ringtones! Nope, no ringtones, no graphics. I make my own of BOTH and the bytes being transferred are well under my limit. I only download a ringtone about once every two months.
-Your phone may be broken and logging on all by itself! Er, I've never seen it logged on... but if so, then AGAIN, YOU'RE overcharging me (he had just said that if that happened, they take all charges off).
-Well then... YOU must be LYING.

No, asshole. Maybe CINGULAR did the LYING and overcharged me! But NOOOOOOOOO! But no THAT isn't possible!

They have NOW put me in "Fraud Investigation" which I am scared means "you're guilty and we're just doing this to shut you up." I don't KNOW what to do. I argued with the Sales Rep for about an hour at midnight last night and he wouldn't even CONSIDER the fact that CINGULAR may have screwed up. Again.

What to do?! (X-posted to my LJ)
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