cinnamonbite (cinnamonbite) wrote in bad_service,

Ha! You win!

Ok, I finally have received bad service. Here is the letter I just sent to JC Penny:

"After I made my credit card purchase and was stepping away from the counter, I noticed a survey on the credit card machine. Before I could react, your employee leaned forward and filled it out for herself--the highest level of satisfaction, of course.
I was too shocked to confront her and I continued to walk away but this has been bothering me all afternoon. I have had stellar customer service from JC Penny employees in the past and today was a slap in the face to those who have actually earned that survey report on their behavior. The woman I dealt with today would have earned an average to less than average rating, had I been able to rate her level of customer service. After her dishonesty, she deserves far less.
Store: 0321
Date: 10/06/06
Term: 260
Time: 01:55
Tran: 4363
Assoc: 0312"

Lesson of the day: Don't walk away from that credit card machine until the screen totally clears, even after you have your bags and receipt.
I do think that JC Penny should probably NOT have the rating right there were the employee can lean over and look. Most people aren't interested in a big confrontation from a disgruntled employee or being intimidated by the employee being right there and watching. People just want to shop and be on their way.
Second lesson of the day: I should have written a glowing report on the lady who rang me up last week. She was fabulous! I need to make it a habit to write those kind of letters from now on.
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