Jim (jumbach) wrote in bad_service,

[crossposted to customers_suck and bad_service, since it involves both.

Dear Asshat at Applebee's yesterday and incompetent manager:

What the hell possessed you to have the restaurant call the towing company on my mom's car? Especially when there is no bus service on Sundays on that route and therefore no alternate route home? Yes, I did park in a handicapped spot. Yes, I had the blue thingy up. So why, when I came out to get her towel, did you immediately go to the manager and tell him I was parked illegally? Do I look like a lazy fatso who abuses blue parking spots? No. I am well within healthy weight range. Especially with a handicapped mother, I would never, ever, ever park in a blue spot when I'm not transporting her.

So why, then, when you saw me go out there, did you immediately assume that I was abusing the spot? The proper procedure is to go out and ask me what I'm doing and give me a chance to explain--had you seen me when I came back in, you would have seen me walk back to the table where Mom was, in her wheelchair. Because of your ineptitude, you cost me $195 to recover the car, plus taxi fares, plus the $270 fine from the city, when I was, in fact, parked legally. Please send me a check immediately.

As for you, manager, why did you also call the tow company rather than asking over the P.A., "Will the owner of such and such a car please come to the front . . ." You are welcome to help chip in for the cost, as well. Thanks. Believe it or not, I don't have $500 just lying around. You've got the plate number, so the DMV should be able to tell you where I live to send the check. Thanks.
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