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big banks aren't the only ones who can suck.

backstory: my mom has worked in this small town since she was out of high school, as has my father. they both bank with the local credit union. i also bank with them, since i had a job up here for two years, and now i live here. i have a checking, a savings and my car payment. they're very small, and the tellers do everything themselves.

here's where the bad comes in:

i get a notice today stating that i had a check that bounced. i immediately know something isn't right, because i wrote two checks for 9.31 and 35.00, left 44.66 in the bank to cover, and took out the remaining 50.00 for cash in hand until payday.

so i call. the girl told me that one of the other tellers saw that my car payment was due (i wasn't late) and took it upon herself to apply the 44.66 to my loan payment. i'm assuming it's the same teller who when she pulled up my account asked me if i knew it was due the next day. i told her yes, i would be in to pay it today (friday), since they supposedly have a ten day grace period, and it was only due yesterday (thursday).

so in turn, my two checks that i wrote on tuesday are going to bounce sky high. the girl said that they covered the 9.31, but now i have to again pay the $35.00 and the $15.00 nsf fee. i told her that they needed to waive that, and she said they couldn't.

ugh. this isn't the first time they've done this either. they've been known to take it out of my mom's account when i wasn't late, because we have a joint account in case something happens to her. and they never call you. they just take it out and then send you a notice saying you have bounced checks. not to mention they've shared info on my account to my mom and my SO, neither of which is authorized on my account.
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