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Hospitals again - this took 2 hours to type due to pills kicking in

Seeing as we're on a hospital trend atm I have a new story for you. (Sorry if it doesn't make much sense, my meds kicked in while I was typing this and I started halucinating a hell of a lot!)

The Backstory:
I had surgery in Sept '97 to get a birthmark removed from my leg. It went fine except that I now have chronic nerve damage and I'm in pain most of the time.
I'm on some serious meds that makes me hallucinate at night and I have a surgery date of 16 November '04 and again on the 23rd November '04. All goes well and after getting out of hospital I move house and get all the grocery shopping done before collapsing on my bed and staying in so I can recover

I find out in Feb '05 that I'm gonna die and they bring me in for surgery immediately! then they send me home for 7 weeks to recover from the last surgery.

In May '05 I get the problem fixed and soon afterwards I go on a pain management program for 3 weeks.

I inform them that I'm moving to Dublin seeing as they can't do anything to help me and I must live near my hospital in case I need another operation.

As it turns out, the box they put in, in May'05 is broken (A thug hit me in the belly where its currently living) and it needs fixing "URGENTLY!!!!!!"

I'm scheduled for surgery in November '05, then december '05, jan '06 feb '06, twice! and on it goes. Its now October '06 (11 months on)
I've been promosed that they'll slice and dice me before the end of Vovember this year. I'm not confident about this at all. My surgery has been pushed back 20 times in the past 11 months.

So would anyone like to join me in taking bets on when I'll finally get the surgery? The winner get a photo of me in hospital

The hallucinations are getting very strong and its 9.33am (and There's a vampire on my bed, I'm not kidding and I know its not real but I have to deal with it anyway) All I've done is take my meds, nothing illegal but its gonna take me a few weeks before it stops and I get used to them. And the chances of getting some pot to use instead is pretty slim (does the same thing as my pain meds only without the nasty side effects but being a stoner has to be better than this!)

I think I'm going to go to bed
Its almost 10am now *sigh*

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