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I am so frustrated...

We just got back from the ER, we went because my boyfriend has an extremely bad toothache. He has a dentist's appointment tomorrow, but he was screaming and crying and hyperventilating so I took him to the ER. The doctor (when she finally came in) didn't even look at him-once she found out he has a dentist's appointment tomorrow, she just told him to keep the appointment and walked out. When the nurse came to check him out all the doctor had done was written him a script for Tramadol, which is a decent painkiller but ANY pill takes 15-45 minutes to work and he was in screaming pain NOW. I asked if he could get some novicaine (he couldn't speak because it hurt so bad) and the doctor said that it wasn't necessary at this point. :[ There aren't any emergency dental clinics within a 2 hour drive or I would have taken him to one, it just pisses me off that she didn't even look at him or notice how bad the pain was and she refused to actually help him. Am I wrong in thinking this is a sad excuse for treatment, or is her refusal of a novicaine shot when he was in obvious pain justified?
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