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This afternoon, my aunt, my cousin and I stopped at a local Fred Meyers because my aunt wanted a cinnamon roll. She had my cousin go inside to buy it for her as our aunt has some difficulties getting around and we were hard-pressed for time.

Two to three minutes later my cousin comes back to the car with a message from the girl at the connabon shop. "She wants to know if I'll wait for sixteen minutes." The girl at the shop had been too busy text-messaging and forgot to close the oven door.

I told my cousin to go back in and ask for a comment card and the girl's name. According to my cousin the girl said they didn't have them and refused to give her name.

I found their website and left a comment. I understand if the shop was busy at the time because I've seen the line that forms there, but if you forgot because you were preoccupied with your cellphone, too bad for you.
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