Paule (gothicfurby) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service X2

These are 2 events that happened at the same time on Saturday night.

I was waiting for a doctor to call out to me because I was in a hell of a lot of pain (and ended up in the ER the next day).
I'd been waiting for about 3 hours at this point and got hungry so I called Domino's Pizza (no online ordering in Ireland afaik)
The order took me about 15 minutes to place. They put a forgein girl on the phone who could not speak a word of English. It took me 5 minutes to give her my phone number and she clearly didn't know how to use the system because my details are attached to that number and they usually say "You want the usual?" I tell them yes and I have hot yummee pizza 15 minutes later.

Not this time tho. After her not getting my phone number right, I asked for someone else to take the call. She didn't understand.

It took another 10 minutes for her to take my address and order and I giggled to my fiance saying "I bet they have to call me back coz she didn't understand my address"

Just then the doctor comes, I let him in and he says he'll give me an injection for the pain. I rejoice for a second before telling him that I'm on a lot of medication and I need to know what he's giving me incase it conflicts with my meds or I'm allergic to it.

He sticks me with the needle and I have NO idea what he gave me and no other doctor I've seen since was able to find out what it was!!! There should be a record of these things!

As I'm throwing the doctor out and demanding to know what he stuck me with, the phone rings, its Dominio's asking what my address is!

GAH! I give them my addy, tell them that my pizza should have been here a half hour ago (I held the doctor hostage for a bit to try and find out what he stuck me with)

15 minutes pass and the pizza arrives, (the store is a 2 minute drive from here) they charge me full price and I call up to tell the manager what happens. She says its not her fault that the girl was put on the phones before she was ready. I point out to her that it is her fault and that they'll loose a lot of business because of that.

They didn't offer any kind of compensation, not even a free can of coke!

From now of if I call them for pizza I'll be demanding to speak to an Irish person, I don't care if it makes me seem racist (I'm not racist but most Irish people are getting to be very racist these days), but I don't want that to happen again!
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