New England 'til I die (wolfp10) wrote in bad_service,
New England 'til I die

Odd call from the Fraternal Order of Police

This evening I received a call from a telemarketer on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Police, which according to the telemarketer was a nonprofit organization. The call occurs as follows:

Telemarketer: Hello, is WolfP10 available?
me: Speaking
Telemarketer: Hey, I am Drey calling on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Police, a nonprofit organization which benefits your local police force. Tonight I am going to hook you up with our membership package, which includes some cool items for you and your family. Now, for a minimum donation of $25...
Me: No thank you, I am not interested.
Telemarketer: Aww, c'mon man, you going to treat the family of slain cops like that? After all their sacrifices for your freedom?
Me: My family already actively supports several community organizations, so we are not interested.
Telemarketer: Dude, that is cool and all, but these are families that no longer have loved ones because they served you...
Me: I am NOT interested, thank you very much. I then hang up the phone.

Now my family is quite active in our community. My mother, father, and I are all leaders in a local Scout Troop where I earned my Eagle Scout some years back, and my father is on the Board of Trustees for a local youth camp. So I was personally offended when he implied I am not supporting my community. Of course he doesn't know my background, however I feel it is quite inappropriate to lay a guilt trip on a solicitation, in particular using the memory of fallen police officers to fundraise. Instead of telling me all the great things the FOP does, he acts as if I owe something to an organization.

Not incredibly bad service, but quite annoying and bothersome, which I why I do not plan on donating to the FOP anytime soon.
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