xnaivetex (xnaivetex) wrote in bad_service,

Another Pizza Rant

This mainly happened to my father.

Anyways, last night was his wife's birthday, they've been married for just about a year. He invited us over, and told us he'd order pizza, just a family thing. So me, my husband and our near 3 year old son arrived at 5:00. As soon as we got there, we called in to Pizza Hut to put our order in, 2 pizzas, 3 orders of wings. We made sure to do it early, nearly right at 5:00, because my son had to be back at home and in bed at 8:00, or else today at daycare would have been horrid, and we were holding off on the present opening and cake until after we ate.

First, I can hear my dad getting aggravated, because the woman who's taking his order kind of sucks at taking orders, he's repeating himself over and over, it's taking a long time: it took nearly 15 minutes just to get the order in.

But it's done at about 5:15, and they quoted my father 35 minutes til delivery, which should be about 5:50, which is all good. We sit and wait and talk, we're all pretty hungry. At 6:20 my dad calls back into the pizza place to see what the hold up is, it's been double the time they quoted. The same girl picks up, and then he asks her, and she puts him on hold. For 15 minutes straight. It was like the hold would time out, it would play crap music, then a few minutes later it would start ringing, and she'd pick it up and put him back on hold without a word. Finally she picks up the phone, and he says "That is the LONGEST time I've ever been on hold.", not too amused but still being polite.

Did she apologize? No. She laughed at him. He asked to speak to her manager, the manager got on and my father told him the story, manager apologizes profusely, says the food should be there in 15 minutes, sorry for the delay and the attitude, and because of it to only pay 1/2. At this point it's about 6:40. So we think, okay, food gets here by 6:55, that's still not too bad, we decide to go ahead with the presents to save time, because we seriously have to leave right after eating to get my son home in time for bed.

7:15 rolls around, my father calls back in. Same girl, same attitude, and without even listening to his complaint (do they have caller ID or what?) she put him directly on hold. Cue another 15 minutes of holding listening to that crap music, every few minutes it would ring, then he'd be put back on hold. When she finally picked it up this time, he asked right for the manager and said it was completely unacceptable, and that the food was JUST arriving right when she gave the phone to her manager. Note, at this time it is 7:30, a full 2 hours, 15 minutes, after we placed the order. The manager tells my dad just to tell the driver that because it took so long and because of the service we recieved, we don't have to pay for it.

At this point though, we have to leave, so instead of spending her birthday having dinner and cake together, my dad packs up a little for us to eat on the way home.

Just thought I'd share. It was pretty annoying. This is probably why I always order from Panago, they quote 35 minutes each time, and yet they've always been there with hot pizzas in about 20 minutes, and I've never gotten anything but good service from them.


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