ocdgirl (ocdgirl) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Service

My sister lives in downtown Baltimore, MD. Apparently at some point last night, after she got home from work, her car, parked outside on the street, was hit by a drunk driver, and totalled, and was then towed. The only reason she knew this was because she knows the guy who lives across the street, who just happened to see it, and she just happened to run into him.

She called the police to see what was going on, since no one had contacted her about her car. She called back three or four times, and finally they told her she'd have to call back between 12am and 8 am, to talk to someone on duty, and that normally police reports aren't filled out for 7-10 business days.

Luckily, her insurance covers a rental car, but the police wouldn't tell her anything. They finally told her that she'd have to call the impound lot to get information about her car. And that's what my dad is doing. Calling the impound lot and getting it taken to a repair shop for body work. But still... Someone's car gets totalled, and they don't even try to contact the owner?
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