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I joined this community JUST for this...

It sucks that I am probably still going to end up in the hole, but listen to this:

I get online to check my account balance and it tells me I'm overdrawn. So I check it, and they are wrong. Wrong, wrong wrong. So I call the bank.

After all of the prelim stuff like account number etc:

Me: I got online to check my account and its telling me that I am overdrawn by like 34 bucks and I know thats wrong.

Her: Okay let me see...You have a 30 dollar fee for unavailable funds.

Me: How is that possible? The money thats there covers everything that I have bought. EVERYTHING.

Her: Yes, but I see you have an 18.96 charge pending from

Me: I included that.

Her: But the funds werent available.

Me: But see they were because If you go back to my last deposit you will see that everything is accounted for AND covered.

Her: There is a difference between your Posted Balance and your Available balance.

Me: But that doesnt matter because I know I have enough to cover everything including the misc charges. If you go back to my last deposit you will see that.

15 minutes later. No really. I am not exaggerating.

Her: Okay ma'am we will refund this to you just this once, but its just a courtesy for this one time and now that it has been explained to you it wont ever happen again.

Me: Okay, look I understand the concept of available and posted balance, but it doesnt make sense. Its like you are saying that checkbooks are pointless because you can just charge me if you want to.

Her: But I have explained it to you and you keep going back to 85.25.

Me: Yes! Because that was my last deposit! Start there and include the only pending charge you said I have, the 18.96, and you will see I have 90 cents left.

Her: Silent

Me: Look, I'm not mad...I just dont make enough for the bank to tell me the sky is red when I know its blue.

Her: Counting silently...Then I hear her start over. She counts again. Then she comes back and asks me to hold.

Me: You just came out to 90 cents didnt you?

Her: Just one moment please.

So I hold, and she comes back and tells me some bull shit about how Starbucks and some gas stations authorization fee didnt match or something like that and how it looked like I had $35 pending. She also said that the bank was refunding my money.

Me: I knew I wasnt crazy when I called.

However apparently amazon has a fee for ordering, which I didnt know. Sucks. So I may still be charged 30. But at least it wont be 60 and I am still not a freaking moron. I am however 10 cents in the hole.

I think what pissed me off was that she was inclined to argue before helping me. And I wasnt even pissed before she started on about a one time courtesy for me because I didnt understand something. No. Sorry. Not a moron.
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