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Evil Cunt

Honda update! Since many people requested updates regarding our situation with Honda, the bank and our awesomely negative bank account (-$33,822.51) - I thought I'd make another post. (Original post.)

At 7:30am this morning a bank branch manager called us and said she noticed the Honda charges. (Ya think?) It went like this...

Her: Looks like they charged your account 1 too many times.
Husband: No, more like 99 too many times.
Her: I'll go ahead and remove what I can.

I login to our account and now we're only negative $28,000.00. But I know banks take a bit to process things, so I waited a few hours. Around 10am it was at negative $18,900.00. That was the most the bank could do, we were told.

Before we had a chance to pick up the phone, a guy from Honda called. They were working on reversing all the charges, including our original payment. Some will go through today, others tomorrow. Apparently there's a lot of paperwork to be sent back and forth regarding each charge.

So we are being refunded this months car payment AND we are relieved of our car payment for the next two months!! I am very happy with this.

However, our account is still negative, only $755.00 this time. But...we still have $0.00 to our name at this time. I had to fax our statement for today to the guy at Honda. Circling all the $30.00 NSF fee's we received - only 4 were posted today. The bank says we'll receive several more over the next few business days. Roughly $2,500.00 in NSF fee's. Honda is paying it all.

My car insurance check bounced. :( Honda is paying that bank fee, that insurance amount ($188!) AND the returned check fee that State Farm tacked on.

I am extremely happy with the helpful Honda people. My only problem is that we'll be in the negative until at least Friday. This isn't just Honda's fault - it's the banks - they won't remove ANY of the $30 fee's! Not to mention they ALLOWED these payments to go through!!! So once Honda fixes all the charges tomorrow (there are only 5 left on the account), we'll have to continuously fax over proof of those fee's so Honda can cover it. In check form. For the next 4 weeks they will cover all fee's caused by their billing error.


I hope this made sense! It's been a very long, hectic day. :) And we're still broke...

With that said, I still plan on sending an email to Clark Howard about the matter. I don't know how many people this affected, but I know MANY people don't check their accounts often enough. Someone may be out there that is clueless about their -$33,000.00 account, or god knows how much, so I think it would be a good idea to get it out there. Not to bash Honda (maybe a little...heh), because I am happy with their response to the issue. I may mention the beef with my bank too. >:/

Oh and I also learned to open a separate savings that is not attached to my checking account. So that if this shit ever happened again, I'd have SOME MONEY for christs sake. I didn't know wtf "overdraft protection" bullshit was until yesterday. Nice.
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