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This was the worst service I've ever gotten. It happened a few weeks ago.

Okay, I work at a bookstore that hasn't been doing so well in sales lately [not really important], but we had done really well the week before and I was feeling generous, so I decided to order pizza for everyone. My dinner break is at 7 p.m. and I figure it'll take around 45-60 minutes, so I take a break at 6:15 and call my order in. It took me almost thirty minutes to get my order placed. My manager would have been SERIOUSLY pissed that I took such a long "break" and I think I would have been written up, except that I was buying her pizza so she was lenient. The conversation is as follows.

First, I assume that this guy is training someone or being trained himself. Every time I say something, he repeats it to someone else. Keep that in mind, since it's taking twice as long to do everything.

Me: Hi, what are your specials today?
Him: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, hang on.
*I am placed on hold for a full five minutes*
H: -rattles off specials-
M: Okay, I will take the three large one-toppings with a soda and buffalo wings for $25
H: What's your phone number?
M: blah blah blah.
H: What?
M: -repeats-
H: -reads it back wrong-
H: That area code is not in our delivery range.
M: It's a cell phone. I am at a place that is within your delivery range.
*We go through a long ordeal with the address and such, which I somewhat understand since I was at a business place and not a residence.*
H: Okay, what do you want for toppings?
M: Pepperoni on one, sausage on the other, and black olives on the last.
H: What?
M: -repeats self-
H: You can only have one topping on each!
M: Yes. I know. I am ordering three pizzas. I just listed three seperate toppings.
H: Oh, you want those all SEPERATE.
M: .... Yes.
H: Okay, hold on. -loud irritated sigh- I have to figure out how to cancel this all now.
*Put on hold for another couple minutes*
*I proceed to order the rest of the items, including a couple more sides and more sodas.*
H: That will be $80.XX
M: No, that's not right. It can't be that expensive.
H: You got... *lists order, but only says TWO pizzas.*
M: NO. I ordered THREE large pizzas, a 2-liter of soda, and a side of wings, which is all $25 according to your special. I also ordered two sides of cheesy bread and two more sodas. That does not equal $80.
*I am put on hold AGAIN without him saying anything*
H: -comes back on the line and starts listing prices-
M: *At this point, I'm sick of it and know that arguing is going to take another half hour at least* WHATEVER. I don't care. Just charge it. I'm paying by credit card.

I proceed to read off my credit card number. I have to do this twice, since he messes it up. He then tells me that it is declined. Bullshit. I read the numbers a third time and this time it goes through. I am told that it will be 30-45 minutes. By this time it is nearly 6:45 so I'm annoyed that the meal will come later than I anticipated and thus I will have less time to eat it.

So 7:45 rolls around and my meal is still not here. My coworkers are slightly annoyed because I promised them pizza and it's not here in time for them to eat it, so they basically did not get dinner. I'm extremely annoyed as well. I call the pizza place and get the manager. I explain the situation to her.

Pizza Manager: Yes, what happened was, we overcharged you. We tried to call you but I guess we got your phone number wrong. Is this it? -reads off some digits-
Me: No, that's not my phone number. For fuck's sake, that's the number of my CREDIT CARD. [I didn't actually curse, but my tone definitely implied it.]
PM: Well, we're very sorry. We have the pizza here ready to go, but we couldn't get ahold of you.
M: It is now 7:45 and my meal break ends in fifteen minutes. Because of your employee's incompetence, I am not going to have time to eat anything.
PM: Well, we'll gladly give you the meal for no charge. Next time, though, you should have just asked for a manager from the beginning.
M: And why should I have done that?
PM: Well obviously, you were not assisted very competently.
M: I should not have to ask for a manager just to place a simple order. You should be sure that your employees know how to do basic job-related skills.
PM: Well, we try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt...
M: And it just cost you about $60. I will expect my food promptly. Have a nice day.

I finally got my damned pizza and everyone had to just sneak into the breakroom to eat a bit at a time because we'd wasted our meal break. And I will never again do business with Papa John's, nor will any of the employees who were present that night. It was mostly the fault of the incompetent employee, but I was also irritated that the manager basically said that I shouldn't have expected that her employees would be able to actually do their job. She definitely won points by not charging me, but the late-ness was a huge inconvenience.
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