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obnoxious child of employee

i decided to go to Dennys last night after work for dinner before going home. normally it's great there.

last night however, the only problem i had was the little boy who apparently belonged to one of the waitresses. couldn't have been older than three. running around, screaming, up and down the aisles. his idiot mother did little to nothing (she only made sure he didn't run into the kitchen). her boyfriend (presumably this little brat's father) would only come and fetch him after he'd been shrieking for ten minutes....and then he'd end up back where he started. i saw at least one group get up and leave.

when i complained to the night manager (who i know personally so i figured he'd listen), he shrugged and said "he's just a little guy". which i didn't like. my nephew isn't much older and he wouldn't be permitted to act like that.

i have the bitch's (mother) name....should i call the day manager and see if he is above the night manager and can/will reprimand the girl? should i call Dennys corporate?

(a friend's ex husband used to work for this Dennys and it seems to be run differently so i don't know if Dennys corporate would take complaints, which is why i ask.)

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