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A quick rundown...

1)I own my own business while being a full time college student. I have ZERO free time to deal with other people's bullshit/stupidity. In essence: My time is PRECIOUS.

2)My driveway is roughly 1 mile in length and mostly down hill and, as the expense of paving something of said length out of my own pocket is a bit more than I'm willing to shell out at the moment, is nothing but dirt.

3)For some reason it rained about a foot more than average in Colorado. The resulting run-off clogged my drainage pipe, backed up the runoff and caused a nice erosinesque cave-in near the base where my pond sits.

4)This leaves me with two problems. A)A dirt clogged 100-foot long, 12 inch wide pipe that must be cleaned and B)a large hole forming beneath the access point to my house that if not filled will cause my access to collapse down a 40 foot embankment (yeah living in the mountains).

The first step in correcting this problem is diverting the water away from the pipe, which I've almost completed via nightly shovel and haul sessions.

The second step is unclogging the pipe. Given the width and length of the pipe, I only manged to get about 30 feet into it, leaving me with lots of space to go before it's emptied enough to be affective once again.

The only logical move I can now make is go from the downhill side of the pipe and use a high-pressure water-cannon to blast out the remaining muck.

Now enter the bad service.

I called a company up yesterday morning before my classes started and told them exactly what I needed, when I needed it and the severity of my situation. They SEEMED! concerned and PROMISED! that they would be at my house at 8:00am this morning. They also promised to call me once they were on their way to let me know and meet them at the bottom of the driveway.

7:57am: No call, no show.

8:10am: No call, no show. (At this point I'm kinda irritated as I do have many things to do in an average day and if they flat-out don't show up, they've wasted my valuable time).

8:20am: No call, no show so I call the company up.

Them: Hi this is Our Company. How can I help you?
Me: Yeah, I called and scheduled you guys yesterday to be here at 8:00am this morning. I've heard nothing and it's now 8:21am. What's the deal?
Them: Oh...well, we're running WAY! behind and probably won't make it up to your house at all. Why don't you just get a water truck and do it yourself?
Me: Obviously, if I HAD! a water truck, I wouldn't have bothered calling YOU in the first place now would I?
Them: Well if you had your own it would also be cheaper than if WE came up.
Me: So just to be certain before I hang up on you and go elsewhere...you guys AREN'T coming up to my home today and weren't going to call me to let me know this?
Them: Nope. As I said, we're running behind and we think it would be easier and cheaper if you did it yourself.
Me: If I had the equipment to do this myself, I wouldn't have bothered calling you to begin with. But I don't...so logically, I called you guys. My mistake. But I guess it all balances out in that you were looking out for MY best interest by telling me how much cheaper it would be for me to do it. I'm AWARE of that fact. Naturally, I can do it cheaper IF I HAD THE EQUIPMENT NECESSARY. Thank you though for your complete lack of help in this matter and I'll be placing a call to one of your competitors. Have a great day.

To me, this is a big deal. My driveway is on the verge of a full-scale Soviet Union style collapse and needs fixing. If you promise to show up then can't, how about you let the customer know so that he can search out other means of averting disaster?

Also, don't tell me it would be cheaper to do it myself rather than pay someone else to. I know this and it would be true if I had a $50,000 water truck at my disposal...but I DON'T...which is the entire basis for me calling your company. Captain Obvious is out in full force.

Steps have been taken with another, hopefully more reliable company but yeah...this whole thing up until now has irked me to no end.


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