Little Piece Of Heaven On Earth (glitterypink) wrote in bad_service,
Little Piece Of Heaven On Earth

So, here I am at the Burger Hut at Wet'n'Wild (Water Park in Australia) ordering Food, Was Served by a TOTAL idiot names Marcella, After receiving our drinks, the Converstation is as follows:

Me - Me
SB (Stupid Bitch) - Marcella
Red Hair Chick (RHC) - Some Other Dumb Co-worker

ME: Do you lids for the drinks (after seeing the other server chick put lids on)
SB: umm, no. we ran out hey. (she'd put lids on and seen other workers put them on drinks)
ME: If you've run out, why does everyone else have them?
SB: (to other Chick) Where are the lids?
RHC: Oh, I dunno! (Mind you, this is the chick that JUST put lids on 4 Drinks!, then asks someone else about Lids
RHC: umm, their in the store room, I'll go look.
ME: Their right there, ON TOP OF THE POST MIX MACHINE!!
SB: oh, alright, I'll look in the store room.
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