Evil Cunt (evilcunt) wrote in bad_service,
Evil Cunt

Honda Financial :(

Honda Financial Services...oh my god. I pay my car payment every month through Honda.com's financial website. I will no longer be doing this! I don't have it set up for automatic payments every month, so my info is not stored. My car payment was paid last Thursday.

This morning I logged into my back account to check my balance. I had some bills to mail out and also wanted to see how much I could spend on groceries. I'm anal about my checking account and never get below a certain amount.

I almost had a heart attack when I saw my balance... -$33,822.51!!! NEGATIVE?! Over $30,000.00 - what.the.fuck?! At first I thought maybe our information was stolen, hacked, identity theft, yada yada. But no.

My entire transactions list was HONDA. Honda took out my car payment 100 times!!!!! ALL of them at 7:30am with the same exact confirmation number, but different source number.

It was at 9:05am when I noticed this. After catching my breath, I ran upstairs to wake my husband. He immediately called Honda.

Honda's response? It's not an error on their end. Our account only shows one payment being made and processed. (This is true, I logged into Honda.com to verify.) So we assumed it was a bank error. Off to the bank. It's now 9:30am.

Bank error? Nope. It's definitely a Honda error, so the bank "can't do anything". We go home and call Honda, again. This time we're told they are aware of the problem, but we have to send proof. A bank-printed account statement. Ugh, fine. Back to the bank, get the statement, get back to work to fax it off. 10:00am, fax sent, confirmed received.

3:00pm, account is still negative. I then realize that there aren't any NSF fees, so I call the bank. I'm told that all the fee's will process after midnight tonight. So that's $3,000.00 in NSF fee's just from Honda. This does not include the directtc, electric, water and insurance bills that were declined as a result of Honda's fuck up. Each company has now tacked on a nice little fee for me, ranging from $30 to $55. Nice, really nice.

Call Honda at 4:30pm, are told they are still "looking" into it. It's their "number 1 priority".

I get home from work at 6:30pm, account is still negative. Honda is now closed. I'll have to call back in the morning.

WTF am I suppose to do?! The bank won't remove any NSF fee's, since it wasn't their error. I can't pay other bills, I can't get fucking groceries or gas. One of the Honda ladies was like "it may take 7-10 days" - I don't HAVE 7-10 days!!

I guess there was some bad service from the bank though. Such as, why was my account allowed to go over -$700? That's suppose to be the limit for our overdraft protection crap. Why weren't the Honda payments declined?!?! Especially after like, the first 10. :(

Also because of overdraft protection, our savings account was drained. So as of this moment, we have $0.00. Our entire checking and savings accounts are negative...and we can't do a goddamn thing until Honda fixes it.

It's been a VERY stressful Monday! Good god, my car isn't even worth $33,000.00 brand new for christ's sake. :(

I just wanted to edit the entry and say that we will be contacting a lawyer tomorrow if the account isn't cleared up in the morning. We'll also be contacting the media/Clark Howard if the problem continues. Thanks for all the advice!! I greatly appreciate it.

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