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Bad service that turned good

On Friday my roommate went to visit her boyfriend. I don't have a car and was concerned about what I was going to eat. I'm a broke college student and am completely tired of pizza and Chinese.

Recently, the Atlanta Bread Company in town started delivering to my school. This is great, because a filling and tasty sandwhich is cheap and a welcome, healthy change from greasy pizza. Delightedly, I called them up to order a sandwhich...

And I had the most horrible exchange with the people who worked there. It went like this:

Lady 1: Hello, Atlanta Bread Company
Me: Hiya! I wanna order a sandwh-
Lady 1: Pick up or delivery?
Me: Um. Delivery please.
Lady 1: Address.
Me: Big College
Lady 1: WHERE?!
Me: Um, Big College. Dorm building Park Ave?
Lady 1: WHERE?! Where on Park Ave?!
Me: No... Park Ave is the dorm. On Big College.
Lady 1: ADDRESS?!
Me: O.o Uh, Big College?
Lady 1: Ugh, hold on! ::clicks me on hold::

While on hold, I try to wonder why this is a problem. This small town has three colleges around, surely they must know where mine is. They have to pass my campus to get to their own store!

Lady 2: Hello?
Me: Hi!
Lady 2: What's the address?
Me: Big College, building Park Ave?
Lady 2: ::long pause:: Where's that?
Me: Um. Park Ave?
Lady 2: We never deliver to Big College.
Me: I'm holding a big pink flyer here that specifically says you do. It even says "Attention Big College students" in the heading.
Lady 2: Hmph. Hold on. ::click on hold::

At this point, I'm really starting to grow concerned. They haven't even asked me what sort of sandwhich I want yet! Despite my worry, I stay cheerful and polite.

Lady 3: What's the problem?
Me: I'm just trying to order a sandwich...
Lady 3: Address?
Me: ::ready to give up soon:: Big College? Building Park Ave?
Lady 3: ....I don't know where that is?
Me: ::dies a little inside:: It's the big dorm building on Big College campus.
Lady 3: On... Big College campus?
Me: Yes, that's right.
Lady 3: I still have no idea where that building is.
Me: Oh. Uh, I can give you directions?

So, I give her the best directions I can. It isn't difficult to get to my dorm building and it's very distinctively different than the other dorms. The woman repeats the directions, asking me loads of questions and for landmarks. I try the best I can to answer everything, I'd feel bad if their driver got lost.

Lady 3: Okay, you'll food will be there soon... if we can FIND it.
Me: Wait, I didn't even put in my order!
Lady 3: Oh. Hold on. ::clicks on hold::
Me: Jesus!

Lady 1 (I think?): What do you want?
Me: Um. ::gives sandwhich order:: And can I maybe have an extra pickle?
Lady 1: Bye. ::hangs up::

Now I'm really annoyed because I've never had such trouble ordering a sandwhich before. Thankfully, the driver (who I think was Lady 3) managed to get onto campus and not get lost and got here really quickly as well. She apologized for the confusion and said she gave me at least three extra pickles (yay!). I tipped her well because I felt bad about the confusion, but really! My college is literally down the street! How was that so incredibly difficult?

It just struck me as so odd. Especially all the phone musical chairs.
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