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jealousy is a green-eyed monster lol

dear student employee of my school's dining service:

i realize that last year, you dated one of my best friends. and that i had an immense crush on him because let's face it: british, huge sad brown puppy eyes, gorgeous hair, and ripped. oh and not gay (at art school, this is a big deal), too. and that you were jealous. and that you sank your claws into him and the breakup was drawn out over several months. i realize that you're bitter that he has a girlfriend now; i'm not, since i have and have had for the past three years a wonderful boyfriend.

like i said, you and he were last. year. so when i come to the dining hall on a sunday morning wishing only for french toast and scrambled eggs, i don't expect to receive the nastiest, meanest, most horrible look you can put on your face. please in the future, just swipe my card and let me be. i won't even ask you for a smile or a greeting. it's really okay. honestly: when i'm half asleep, in my pj's, your death glare doesn't do much to me. so... just can it plz kthx.

your fellow, happily un-single, student

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