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Very short.

So my husband, three kids and I went to a local mexican restaurant that had recommended to us by a friend. When we got there, it was apparent that the staff was running hither and yon, although there weren't very many people there. Thr hostess asks us how many, and mutters that she only has one menu right now. She leads us out to the patio (without asking us if we wnt to be seated inside or out), throws the one menu, napkins, and silverware on a dirty table, and says she'll be right back to wipe down the table. There are other clean tables around us. We wait a few moments, and I notice her bussing another table. The guy who was apparently going to be our waiter zoomed by and called back over his shoulder that he'd be with us in a moment. We waited 6 minutes - no one cleaned our table, or even acknowledged us after that. So we left. If we don't even rate being seated at a clean table in a timely manner, they must not want our business very much.
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