Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

We've had our Cable and Broadband from Time Warner for a little over 5 years now. Ever since Broadband became available in our area. And for 5 years we have had literally zero problems. It rarely goes down and when it does, it's very brief. Heck, they gave everyone a free week of service when the power went out for a week due to a terrible ice storm. Any technical issues we've had that required us to talk to a tech on the phone have been handled professionally and in the most friendly manner as we joke back and forth with the techs. When we reached a bad spot a few years ago and couldn't afford to pay our bill for several months, a simple phone call to customer service to explain the situation and tell them that we were having problems paying was enough to keep the service going for three months without any issues. They have worked with us on any and all billing issues and always done it in the most pleasant way imaginable.

All around, it's been an incredibly delightful Business/Customer relationship. Until recently.

We decided that the cell phones we had simply were not cost effective for our present financial situation. (Husband had to take a lesser paying job for health reasons and I'm in school at the moment.) We opted not to renew our contract. (Besides, the service we had with Verizon was terrible.) We were looking at canceling our cable and keeping the internet as I needed it for school. And possibly getting the cable phone for unlimited long distance as it's even long distance to call my husband's work due to the crappy way the phone company drew the lines around here.

We go into Time Warner to try and figure out what plan is best for us. Right now Time Warner is running a deal with internet/phone/digital cable for about $100. For us to just get internet and phone it would actually cost more. So, we sign up. The woman asks us what our present phone number is so they can port it in. We explain to her that we presently have no phone number as we got rid of our landline years ago and had been using cell phones up until now. (For some reason cell phone numbers cannot be ported in.) We do tell the woman that our old land line number was never reassigned though, so if they wanted to grab that, they probably could.

She told us that they could port the number in but that it would take 2 weeks to do so. We told her that wouldn't work for us and honestly, we didn't care what number we got as long as we got a number. She told us that was fine and set up an appointment for the tech to come out and set us up the following Tuesday.

The tech came out right when he said he would be here. He set up our digital cable, he gave us a bright shiny new modem to use with the phone. But then he stopped there. He said that they were unable to get our old number and because they could not, they just canceled the order.

Wha? And apparently, we needed to call Time Warner back and re set it up so they could redo the whole thing.

Okay, nevermind that they didn't call us to let us know that they canceled the order. It's the fact that they canceled it in the first place.

So, we call back the next day. From my husband's work because we are now without phones. (We timed the losing the phones thing not realizing that we'd be this long without them.) My husband is on hold for about 40 minutes before he gets someone. This person listens to his problem, tells him to hold on, transfers him to another department where he sits on hold for another 30 minutes.

They can't seem to understand his problem. It takes him talking to 3 people to finally get them to understand that we need a phone and don't have a number for it. They tell him they'll get us a phone number on the 21st. This hardly seems acceptable, but my husband has to get off the phone and actually work.

So, I call back the next day. From his other job. And sit on hold for another 50 minutes before I get someone. Once again I explain the situation. I ask them why in the heck they just canceled the order when we told them the number wasn't important. I told them that we needed to have a phone. The woman I spoke with was very friendly and polite and gave us a free month to make up for it. She told us a new number would be ready on the 28th. I told her that wouldn't work as we wouldn't be in town on that day and no one would be there to let the tech in the house. She apologized and said she'd get someone out there as soon as she could.

Several days pass.

I get home late that night to see that the digital cable is not working. Keep in mind that we've really only had it for a week. Now when you turn it on it tells you that our digital cable service has been disconnected and to please call the operator for assistance. Except we can't. Why? Because we have no phone!!

So, guess who goes back up to the husband's other job to call Time Warner back the next day? I call and explain that the digital cable is broken. I explain that we have no phone in our home and why and the woman stops me at this point to read all the notes on the account concerning our phone issue. Then she lets me continue. I tell her that I need a definite day on when our phone will be ready and someone out to fix the cable. She tells me that she would like to try refreshing our service first. Fine. She then asks me if I'm near the television right now.

How would I be talking to her from near my television if I have no phone in my home with which to call her with, I have no idea. (I had already explained to her that I was at my husband's place of business.) She apologizes and schedules a time for the tech to come out as soon as possible. This is a Thursday. I explain that my husband and I will be out of town the following Monday through Thursday. She notes that.

Friday. No tech.
Saturday. No tech.
Sunday. Also no tech.

We leave for Ohio. We come back Thursday night to see two Time Warner notices hanging from our doorknob. Of course they tried to come by while we were gone. Of course they couldn't do anything about it. They left a note on the door hangers that we needed to call and reschedule.

I call back once again, from my husband's work. I am on hold for close to 40 minutes. Then someone picks up the phone. And hangs it back up again. At this point I'm murderous. So, I call back but pick the digital cable option instead of the digital phone option (which seems to have longer hold times). I'm on hold for about a half an hour before I get someone. This person listens to my problem before telling me to hold on. Then I get the transfer message. I've been transfered to another department. Great. And I'm on hold for another 30 minutes.

I explain my problem again. I explain that we signed up for the phone service some time ago but have yet to actually recieve. I explain that we had the digital cable for all of 7 days before it went out and as of yet no one has been out to repair it. I explain that the only time anyone has shown up to fix the problem, it was while we were out of town and told them that we would be.

I explain that I have completely cleared my schedule so I can do nothing but sit home and wait for the tech.

What do I get out of the whole deal?

A tech is coming on Sunday between 8 and 12. And all I have to say is that he better fix our phone and our cable because this is just getting utterly ridiculous. I'm ready to go postal. Because several weeks after signing up for a service and still not having that service is a very big problem for me.

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