Allison (allykatb) wrote in bad_service,

2 things actually.

First one happened at Jack Astor’s. My roommate and I went out after our late bio class (5-7pm) for some dinner. Neither of us wanted to cook, and Jack Astor’s was right across from our bus stop and not too expensive. So we go in and everything’s going fine. Our waiter keeps disappearing, but we get our drinks and food quickly.

So, it comes time for us to pay. We have to ask another server to get our waiter to bring separate bills, since he was nowhere to be seen. We get them and are all ready to pay with debit when another server walks up and says that they’re removed their debit machine, but there’s an ATM outside if we want. Okay, a little odd, but whatever. I can pay with my Visa and my roommate goes to get cash. She comes storming back saying that the ATM charges $2 per withdrawal.

Now, I know that ATMs charge you to take out money, but $2 is ridiculous. My roommate had enough money in the bank to cover her meal, but not enough to take out $22, so I ended up paying for her. It was just lucky that I was with her. What would they have done if I wasn’t and she couldn’t pay? I just don’t understand why they would take out the debit option. They had it before and now, suddenly, they don’t. There was no sign anywhere saying that we couldn’t pay with debit, so we assumed it was fine. My roommate filled out the comment card, but so far there’s been no response.

The second thing that happened wasn’t really so bad in the end, but it had the potential to be.

My friend and I went out to Wendy’s for lunch in our 4 hour break between classes (I really hate my schedule). She ordered combo #7, some chicken sandwich, with just mayo. She got combo #4, a burger, with just mayo. She said she didn’t mind, since she likes both, but that she orders her burgers differently than chicken. They only charged her for the burger, so she didn’t complain or anything, but it made filling out the comment card fun. The worst part about this? It was the manager who took her order.

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