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Chip shop.

Even little bits of bad service can be annoying at times.

I went down to my local chip shop to buy a lovely junk-food dinner tonight. A plain burger is the meat, lettuce, sauce and bun; I ordered a burger with cheese and onion (which then gets you everything else as well), and three potato cakes (also known as potato scallops, I believe).

I got given a burger with cheese, and five potato cakes. It took fifteen minutes to cook, which is more than usual, and it wasn't until I got outside that I noticed the lack of onion. I went back in to ask about the onion.

'You didn't order onion,' said the guy who'd taken my order, whom I'd watched write 'cheese + onion' on the order slip.

The guy standing beside the one who served me went through the list of order slips, found mine, and lo and behold -- cheese and onion. They offered to either cook some onions or make me a whole new burger, but I declined on account of not wanting to wait another fifteen minutes.

What really bugged me was being told I didn't order onion. I order the exact same burger at half a dozen different chip shops, and I never change my order, and he was wrong, and he didn't apologise.

Plus it's a waste of food to give me five potato cakes when I only ordered three; they're tiny, which is why I got three, but still, five is too many and they're only going to get thrown out.

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