la bella puttana (teacuptempest) wrote in bad_service,
la bella puttana

So after this experience : I was very hesitant about going back to Bevilles but they had a fantastic sale going on, apparently they are remodelling the place so there is heaps of stuff on sale.

I decided to go ahead and layby something for myself for Christmas. It's a little tennis bracelet, WG with 1ct of diamonds set around in it as well as in the clasp, and when I went into the store to try it on [I saw it on the website] it fit perfectly! It is small and delicate so I needed something that I can wear everywhere, wear it to work, school, going out, it should match everything because its not bulky, plus its not particularly 'trendy' so it won't go out of fashion. So it was a definate thing, I asked if I could layby it they scanned it through and it came off at HALF PRICE because of the sale. Even though it wasn't tagged like that, it was in the computer, but because it was a $650 difference I suggested that the lady go and check it so she didn't get into trouble.

The manager came over and she remembered me from the whole debacle about my earrings, so she checked the code and it was fine, and to give me $100 off the bracelet again as a 'thank you for still shopping with us' pressie, and signed me up with their jewellery rewards card as a level higher than i should be, so I get even more rewards each time I shop there.

A++ Heeeee, I was fucking walking on AIR when I got back to work after my lunchbreak, $550 for someting worth $1299. I LOVE bargains, haha and I can't wait to get my paws on this sparkly-bit-of-goodness in Mid-December! [I have promised my mother I will not pay the layby out until then so its definitely the only bloody thing I buy for myself for Christmas otherwise I'll pay it out, then go back for more cause I'm a sucker for sparkly stuff].
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