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a follow-up to the bad jewelry salesman lol

our story so far

so i went in today to pick up my ring. herr chattyson was not working (thank god), so i dealt with an older gentleman who, while still a salesman, was more experienced and was more pleasant to deal with.

he got the ring out (i didn't have my receipt but i had my driver's license, which he was okay with), and i attempted to explain the resizing debacle of last weekend (pay for it later because the salesguy couldn't remember what the register code was for resizing, but a different salesperson had said they could do it this past week so the ring would be ready to take home when i came to pick it up [today]). about halfway through, the guy kind of interrupted me, saying "well, it doesn't look like it's been resized."

god damn it.

and i looked at the receipt (where last week's salesguy had said he would write the special instructions, and the size i wanted), and there's nothing written on there. zilch. so i asked this week's salesman about how long resizing took; the mall is local to me when i'm at home, but i'm in school and the drive is just far enough that it's a hassle unless there's something important at home. at this point, i just want the ring. i've paid for it, hand it over. i remain polite and smiley, though, if a touch impatient and/or staring meaningfully at the ring. he says the resizing will take something like three or four days; to me, this is not unreasonable. but i won't be able to drop it off until the 13th, so he said "does the ring fit a smaller finger, so you could take it home today?"

"yes; that would be great."

"okay. just sign here please." so i did (there were no new charges), and bid him farewell. as i walked through the mall, i was a little uneasy because the ring felt a little loose on my little finger. so i tried it on my ring finger and it fit just a little teeny bit snugly - tough enough to get over the knuckle that it can't fall off, but loose enough that it's no real struggle to remove it if i want to.

so i'm not going to have it resized. while the $15 resizing fee is reasonable (albeit half the cost of the ring, heh), and the timeframe is also reasonable (if inconvenient for me), why bother if i don't really need it?

incidentally, for those of you wondering, it is stamped as 10K THL. the jewelers said it was white gold. the sapphires seem very sparkly to my untrained eye. :)

sorry that the pictures are all so far off.

the center is a large-ish triangular sapphire, with two of the tiniest diamonds ever on either of its sides. they sparkle :D

the outside bands are each three small square sapphires. also sparkly.

really, i just enjoy having an excuse to say the word 'sparkly.'

while i still more than a little unhappy regarding the first salesman, this guy was more reassuring and far less creepy. he reminded me a little bit of dustin hoffman, actually, haha. i probably won't go back to that jewelry store, but i got a $35 ring out of it, and it's a ring with no sentimental value, so if i lose it, i won't be too terribly sad or distraught.
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