Erin (tender_star) wrote in bad_service,

HP's Computer Techs

In May I took my laptop to Fry's because the USB ports were loose and I kept losing connection to anything that was in them. I also wanted to know if the Hinges could be fixed because they were cracked, and the power supply because the cord was cracked sort of.

I have the extended warrenty offered by Fry's. Hinges are not covered because it is "cosmetic" damage, and the power supply wouldn't be covered. They sent my laptop off to HP to get fixed...they soldered the USB ports back onto the motherboard and sent it back.

That was fine. I was happy that I could use my USB ports again and didn't much care about the other stuff not being fixed.

A few weeks ago the power supply finally died. It wouldn't stay plugged into the computer, and the port on the computer was loose (making it fall out even more). Finally the laptop wouldn't charge at all and wouldn't boot. My boyfriend took it in, and they sent it off again. He requested an estimate on how much it'd be to fix the hinges also.

I got my laptop back today. They replaced the motherboard, and the power supply (which, if they had replaced to begin with...the mother board would have been fine).

The thing that pissed me off, and made this bad service...

The cracked hinge, was now full out broken. A screw from the bottom missing, and a piece of TAPE to keep a small piece of plastic on. Yes, they taped my computer together. No note as to what happened to it. If the hing was just hanging on and almost broken off to begin with, I can see this...but it was just a crack.

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