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This might not be classified as bad_service as much as a sheer What the fuck? moment from my server...but yeah...this just left me scratching my head in wonder.

On Tuesday evening I ventured over to the local McDonalds for a quick soft serve because I had no desire to wait 30 minutes in line at Cold Stone (but God it was a hard decision). The following coversation took place..

McLady: What'll ya have?
Me: Yeah, can I just get a small ice cream in a cup.
McLady: You want your cone in a cup?
Me: No no. I want a small ice cream just in a cup. No cone need be bothered.
McLady: I don't know if I know how to do that...
Me: ........
McLady: *goes over to the soft serve machine, dispenses ice cream into a cone, takes said cone and dumps it into a cup, removes the cone and throws it away*
Me: *blink...ok*
McLady: Is that what you wanted?
Me: Close enough.
McLady: For here or to go?
Me: To go.
McLady: Here ya go.


I realize there is a stigma that comes with going to McDonalds and 'expecting' such things but...I mean...wow.

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