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Reposted with permission from a friend's journal. This friend is going to be the maid of honor in my wedding NEXT WEEK; she's been trying to order her bridesmaid dress since spring. Under the cut is an explanation of why she will never shop at this bridal store again, even if she gets married 16 times or is in 50 more weddings, with a summary by me at the end. (All grammatical errors under the cut are hers, I just broke it up into paragraphs.)

OK, so I have decided if I live to be a hundred and get married sixteen times, I will STILL never buy another thing from [Random Bridal Store]. I've been trying to get my bridesmaid dress since MARCH!!! The first time I went in, I picked out my dress from a catalogue. I knew what I wanted. The lady told me to wait, that she should be getting some samples of that dress in store in the next two weeks. I came into the store five times over the next month, and called several times, still no dresses. The lady tells me that it is no big deal, whenever the samples come in, she will measure me and order, and then when it comes in, the dress will be fitted exactly to me in store. She then told me that she would call me when they came in. NO call. So... June comes around, I finally go in and just tell them that I want to order the dress, I don't need to see the samples. The girl who is there does not know how to order dresses. She tells me to come back next week.

I finally get to order my dress, mid July, after coming back from A2A camp. The lady there is NOT the one I've been dealing with, and doesn't know where she is. She puts in the order for my dress over the phone. She takes NO measurements, and when I ask her about them, she says, "OH, you might want to order a size big in case it doesn't fit." SO I order it a size bigger. She then tells me that since the wedding is Oct. 6 and I've waited so long to order, I'll need to pay a rush order fee to get the dress on Sept. 15. I ask "will it DEFINITELY BE IN on september 15?" She says "yes, that's why you are paying the $30 fee." Fine. September 11 rolls around and I call to make sure that the dress is going to be there. "yep, sure, all on time. Be here friday." FINE.

I go in on the 15th and suprise, suprise, it isn't in. By friday, they meant wednesday of the next week. I go to pick up the dress when they call me on wed. and it is too small. It fits, but is too tight. (as I was never measured) THe lady tells me they will fit it and it can be let out a little, but she will have to hire that out, so it will cost another $15. By this point I just want my dress, so I pay it. She says, it will be done early next week, the lady that fixes it is just down the block. So, Tuesday being early next week, I go in to pick up my dress. Don't you know, by 'early next week' she obviously meant friday. SO, from trying to order my dress since march, I am going to HOPEFULLY end up with it a week before the wedding.

I understand about estimated shipping times not always being accurate, especially on sample or demo items, but this has just gotten ridiculous. For crying out loud, they gave her the run-around about seeing the samples for THREE MONTHS then had the gall to tell her, "Since you've waited so long to order you have to pay a rush fee," and then the dress wasn't even in by their promised date. Since they took no measurements, only telling her to order a size larger than what she normally wears, of course the dress doesn't fit. She's also having to pay an extra $15 on top of the alterations charge just so someone at this store can literally WALK DOWN THE BLOCK to take the dress to a different bridal store that actually does alterations. She should have just taken the dress down to the other store herself and saved $15. Since the other bridal store is the one I had my alterations done at, I just called them to make sure they knew her dress was there and needed to be done this week. Apparently the store she bought the dress from told them the wedding was November 6, not October 6, so they bumped her back in the queue. They're working on it now, though.

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