writerjess (okanagansun) wrote in bad_service,

I just. want. some. chicken!

I don't eat beef or pork. Beef makes me ill, and I just don't like pork. (yet for some reason I have thing for bacon and prosciutto...but pork, ew.)

I went for lunch with my coworker to a Chinese restaurant we frequent. Usually I order a lunch combo but today I was up for just a snack so I ordered the chicken rice wrap. I asked to make sure there was no pork or beef (I always ask, just to be sure) and the waitress said she would mention it to the kitchen to make certain.

So the meal came out with sausage in it. Yuck! I sent it back and the waitress was appalled. By this point we only had about 15 minutes to get out of there and there wasn't much time to wait for more food, but the waitress said she could get me a small portion of chicken chow mein. I said that sounded great, but she quickly came out of the kitchen and said that they refused to accommodate me because chow mein was part of the lunch combo and I couldn't order half a lunch combo. Even though it was the kitchen's fault I couldn't eat my food.

Grr! I felt so sorry for the waitress because she was trying really hard to get me something I could eat. So there is some good service in there too.

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