Wilf (lots42) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Service At Albertson's Grocery Store

So my mom was looking for a specific brand of nasal spray for me on a lone shopping trip.

She couldn't find it and asked the pharmacist for help. As I understand it, the pharmacist just blibber-blabbered, refusing, for whatever reason, to get up and point it out. Maybe she didn't know. Maybe she was lazy. Maybe she had a huge migraine.

But it gets worse. My mom -did- find it, only it was just a BIT out of her reach. She asked an employee to summon help. -Tall- help.

After an interminable wait, along came a manager. Who was shorter then she was. After some irrelevant nonsense about the 'tall employee' being on break, my mom finally settled for another brand of nasal spray and tried to check out. Boy, was that a mistake.

One mis-press by the cashier's long fingernails and everything ended up having to be rebagged and rescanned and OY. Granted, we did get a porkchop for free because it had been mispriced to begin with and the cashier didn't want to re-deal with it with the re-bagging but it just was not worth the hassle.

And here I thought it was just the one Albertson's near us that was bad. We stopped going there because the customer service desk acted as if they hated us personally and the pharamacists were just horribly scary.
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